Structured Settlement Guides, Articles, and Advice

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Is Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments for You?

When it comes time for selling your settlement payments you want to make the right choice, and we discuss the options that are to be contemplated and considered before taking a first step.

When to Cash Out Your Settlement

When it comes to cashing out your structured settlement, being aware of it's value helps to make the right decision when thinking of selling your payments.

Selling Your Structured Settlement When Needed

The option to cash out a structured settlement for a lump sum can provide benefits, and being aware of your options is important to make wise decisions.

4 Reasons to Choose My Structured Settlement Cash

With many companies to get a quote from when selling a structured settlement, My Structured Settlement Cash explains why they should be your first choice.

5 Questions that Every Annuity Owner Must Ask Themselves

If you are considering selling your annuity, there are a few important questions that need to be asked before you sell your settlement.

How Should I Spend My Lump Sum Payment?

How you might go about spending your cash when you sell your settlement is not to be taken lightly, and should be used as an opportunity to make smart financial choices like getting out of debt and more.

Selling Your Structured Settlement in Times of Need

There comes a time when selling your settlement makes sense, and depending on the situation it can be the right option.

Dealing with Debt by Selling Your Settlement

Selling your settlement in times of need can help to manage and even eliminate debt. If you have collectors calling and have a settlement, this is an option worth considering.

Ways to Settle for Cash

From a structured settlement buyout to many more options, we've come up with some of the top options available when in need of fast cash.

Taxation of Structured Settlements

When looking to sell a structured settlement, it's important to understand the basics of how taxation works when looking for a buyer.