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What Determines the Value of My Structured Settlement?

What’s most important for you to do is to work with a company you can trust to come up with the right solution for you and your situation. There are no simple answers but be wary of anyone who won't give you a straight answer. That’s where we are different. We'll tell you the truth, even if it means we don’t get your business.

Now, what’s your structured settlement worth? Well, the value of your structured settlement depends on many factors. These include considerations such as:

  • The dollar amount of your payments
  • The number of payments remaining
  • Whether you’ve already sold some of your payments
  • Lump sum payments that you have coming
  • Increases in your payments over time
  • And many more...

Since you probably don’t have all the details of your settlement in front of you, we’ve developed a simple settlement calculator to sell payments and give you a, idea of what it’s value worth with just a few pieces of information. Remember that this is only meant to give you a rough range of what to expect. To get an offer, just fill out our information form and we’ll give you a no obligation estimate.