Structured Settlement Guides, Articles, and Advice

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Sell Structured Settlement Payments

There are several steps to selling your structured settlement payments. Let's walk through, step-by-step, of everything you should expect from the start to finish.

Selling Your Annuity

A helpful guide for those looking to sell their annuity or structured settlement payments for lump sum cash when they need it.

Cash For Structured Settlement

How to get cash for structured settlement payments, and the steps you need to know during the process.

Maximizing Your Lump Sum Cash Payment

All you might need to know in order to maximize a lump sum cash payment when selling a structured settlement.

5 point strategy to sell structured settlements

Knowing the necessary steps to selling a structured settlement can help determine your success at finding the best quote.

What is a Structured Settlement?

Learn more about what a structured settlement is the advantages of selling your scheduled annuity payments.

Structured Settlement Advantages

Find out the many advantages to selling a structured settlement for cash to take care of financial needs and unexpected expenses.

Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Information regarding the transfer of structured settlement payments for cash when selling an annuity.

Structured Settlements Explained

Find out more on structured settlements and whether you would benefit from selling your annuity payments for lump sum cash.

Sell My Structured Settlement

Learn what you need to know when thinking about selling a structured settlement for lump sum cash.