Structured Settlement Guides, Articles, and Advice

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How Long To Get a Lump Sum For My Structured Settlement

The process of selling your settlement doesn't happen overnight, and we explain the details of what's involved so you can receive your lump sum payment as soon as possible.

How to Get Money From A Structured Settlement

If you're looking to get money from your settlement, we can help guide you through the process as well as offer some important information to look over before deciding if its the right option for you.

How Much Do Structured Settlement Brokers Charge

Selling a settlement can involve several costs, and knowing what these are is important to receiving a proper quote when speaking to buyers.

Selling a Structured Settlement - Future Value Considerations

Your settlement might not be worth as much if you're waiting for all payments to come in. We explain why this is along with present and future value and other considerations for you.

How Much Is My Structured Settlement Worth?

If thinking to sell a structured settlement, be sure you have all the facts up front, especially what your settlement is worth. This way you can get the best buyout possible.

The Difference between Annuities and Structured Settlements

Many assume that annuities and structured settlements are the same, and we explain the similarities and how they're different from one another.

The Evolution of Currency

Have you wondered how money evolved and the history of currency? We take a look at some interesting facts about how cash became king and how currency has changed through the years.

What Is A Structured Settlement Payment Buyout?

How a structured settlement buyout works and what you should know when looking to sell a settlement for a lump sum.

Choosing Between Structured Settlement Buyers

When choosing a structured settlement buyer, its important to remember that not all are alike, and knowing some basics on what to look for and how to choose a partner when selling your settlement is in your best interest.

How to Cash Out Your Structured Settlement Payments

A structured settlement is series of scheduled payments, but sometimes a lump sum can work better for an individual as opposed to waiting to collect. When you're thinking to cash out a settlement, you want the facts to make the right choice.