Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlined below discloses the details of how works, how you should or can use it, and how we collect user information along with how such information is will be handled and protected. We respect your privacy and it's important to us at This policy outlines part of the many ways that we’re committed to making sure your information is protected. This Privacy Policy only applies to We use your information only in the ways described below. The examples in this Privacy Policy are for illustration.

Agreement to This Privacy Policy

By making use of this website, you consent to this Privacy Policy, including your consent to our use and disclosure of any details about you in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Usage

The information that is collected about you is acquired directly from you through applications, contracts, documents, communications and forms that you completed or signed. Information from any of our telephone conversations is also compiled during the application process.

With your consent, we may request or obtain further information about you or others who may have an interest towards your insurance policy, annuity contract or primary residence, from additional sources, including your insurance company, insurance producer, health care providers, creditors, credit reporting agencies and your representatives or advisors. With your prior authorization, we might also obtain further information about you from various public records and other persons.

We may also obtain the following types of non-public, personal information about you:

  • Personal information, from your name, address, or social security number, to other details such as a driver’s license number, occupation and/or employer
  • Various financial information regarding assets, income, credit history, banking information and possibly account numbers
  • Necessary legal information, such as liens, bankruptcies, divorces, judgments, probate, along with other civil and criminal court proceedings
  • Additional identifying information, such as birth date, telephone and fax numbers, and email, street, and/or mailing addresses might also be required
  • Insurance and/or annuity policy information, which can also include the policy terms, conditions and limits, along with the named beneficiaries, and your premiums and payment history may also be required
  • Medical details and information, such as your current health status and prior health care treatments are also prudent towards settlement valuation

Disclosure about how your information is shared

It is only with your prior consent that would rent or sell any of your non-public personal details or information. If required by law, we would have no choice but to disclose your information. Should this situation come up, it's only with your prior consent that we would disclose your non-public personal health information to affiliates and non-affiliated partners or companies that might provide services for us related to a service or transaction you have requested.

Also with your prior authorization, should it be requested, we would disclose your nonpublic personal health information to entities that provide us with financing or financial support necessary or related to a transaction that you request. As permitted by law and along with your authorization, we may also disclose details such as your health information to allow our authorized partners and/or representatives to contact you for strictly for the purposes of determining what your current health status might be.

Computer Cookies

In order to provide better and faster service when you return to our website, cookies may be placed within your browser. A cookie is coded data that is stored on your computer, and enables us to understand how you use our website. With this information, we can determine usage like the number of unique users accessing the various pages on our website which allows us to improve flow and content for future visitors. A cookie cannot obtain any confidential information from your computer, destroy files, or transmit computer viruses. Most websites can send their own cookies to your computer, if your browser's preferences allow this option. To protect your privacy, your browser normally only permits a website to access cookies that it has previously sent to you, but not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

We do track users who come to our site, and use cookies to evaluate what browser a visitor is using, the pages you land on, which are read, and how much time a visitor spends on these pages. If you leave the website and then return again, it allows us to track you over time as a repeat visitor. The exception to this being unless you have cleaned out the cookies from your computer. This cleaning is also known as clearing your computer cache. If you do clear your cache – or if your browser is set up so that it does not utilize cookies – we will not be able to track your use of our site. We do not share this user data with partners, affiliates or affiliate websites.

Ownership and Sales of Assets Transfer

Should go through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your personally identifiable information would likely be among the various assets that are transferred to the extent that you voluntarily provided it. This is standard business procedure in the event of such an occurrence.


By using this website or our affiliated websites, you signify your assent to the terms and conditions contained herein (as amended from time to time). If you do not agree to be bound by its terms, we kindly ask that you do not use our services or our websites.

Last Updated: April 2014