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Structured Settlement Companies

When considering to sell your structured settlement, its in you best interest to find a company you feel comfortable with.

Purchase Structured Settlements

Understanding the process of selling structured settlements for lump sum cash can be beneficial to ensuring you get the best rate available to you.

Structured Settlements - Can They Make Your Dreams Come True?

Selling a structured settlement can provide a lump sum of cash for things like a down payment on a house, home repairs, or even starting a business. Read more to find out whether selling structured settlements can make dreams come true.

Tips for Selling Structured Settlements

The process of selling your structured settlement may seem like a daunting task. However, with the right preparation, it can be streamlined into just a couple of simple questions.

Selling Lottery Winnings

As a lottery winner you will face one of the biggest decisions, and it is not how you will spend it. It is rather how you will receive it. Which is right for you between a lottery lump sum payout and yearly annuity?

Sell Structured Insurance Settlement

Structured insurance settlements compensate a client through a safe, guaranteed, and fair agreement. However, what happens when you want to cash-in early? How long will this process take, and when can you expect to be paid?

Structured Settlement Buyer

If you are the recipient of a structured settlement periodic payment, there are steps that can help you take charge of this money. Just because the payments are designed to ease your monthly burdens, doesn't necessarily mean they are still in your own best interest.

Sell Settlement Payments

If you are the owner of a structured settlement, this money could become your best ally if you are in need of financial aid. Why should you have to wait for each month to collect this money, when you could put the entire lump sum to work for you.

Cash for Structured Settlements

While there are many reasons to consider selling, it's important to understand the basics of receiving cash for your structured settlement or annuity payments .

Sell Annuity Payments

When looking to sell an annuity, it's important to examine the reasons, and know the options available.

Know the Value of your Structured Settlement

Sometimes a lump sum is a better solution than structured settlement payments, but it's important to understand how they can differ.

Structured Settlements Explained

Find out more on structured settlements and whether you would benefit from selling your annuity payments for lump sum cash.

Sell My Structured Settlement

Learn what you need to know when thinking about selling a structured settlement for lump sum cash.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement

There are many benefits to selling a structured settlement when cash is needed for unexpected expenses that come up. The option of selling a settlement in such cases can provide the opportunity to keep financial needs in control.

How to Cash Out a Structured Settlement

Knowing the steps for cashing out a structured settlement can help you to acquire a lump sum for your scheduled payments as quickly as possible.

Transfer of Structured Settlement Payment Rights

Information regarding the transfer of structured settlement payments for cash when selling an annuity.

Structured Settlement Advantages

Find out the many advantages to selling a structured settlement for cash to take care of financial needs and unexpected expenses.

What is a Structured Settlement?

Learn more about what a structured settlement is the advantages of selling your scheduled annuity payments.

5 point strategy to sell structured settlements

Knowing the necessary steps to selling a structured settlement can help determine your success at finding the best quote.

Maximizing Your Lump Sum Cash Payment

All you might need to know in order to maximize a lump sum cash payment when selling a structured settlement.

Selling Your Annuity

A helpful guide for those looking to sell their annuity or structured settlement payments for lump sum cash when they need it.

Sell Structured Settlement Payments

There are several steps to selling your structured settlement payments. Let's walk through, step-by-step, of everything you should expect from the start to finish.

Ways to Settle for Cash

From a structured settlement buyout to many more options, we've come up with some of the top options available when in need of fast cash.

Dealing with Debt by Selling Your Settlement

Selling your settlement in times of need can help to manage and even eliminate debt. If you have collectors calling and have a settlement, this is an option worth considering.

4 Reasons to Choose My Structured Settlement Cash

With many companies to get a quote from when selling a structured settlement, My Structured Settlement Cash explains why they should be your first choice.

Selling Your Structured Settlement When Needed

The option to cash out a structured settlement for a lump sum can provide benefits, and being aware of your options is important to make wise decisions.

Guaranteed VS Non-Guaranteed Structured Settlements

Knowing the process for selling a settlement will help you to understand what your annuity payments might be worth and what kind of value they might offer when deciding whether to sell.

Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

Structured settlements used to be a one-way street. Today, thanks to the introduction of the structured settlement company, you have more control over your money then you probably thought was possible.

Lump Sum or Annuity - Which Is Better?

Lump sum payments might be better than an annuity for some, but it's not always a clear case. Understanding how each can benefit to your individual circumstances can affect money management.

3 Questions to Ask Before Selling Structured Settlements

Some quick facts one should know when selling a structured settlement. Asking the right questions are important to ensuring that you cash out your settlement and get the most value from it.

5 Life Changing Reasons to Sell Structured Settlements

Selling a structured settlement can be more positive than you may have been lead to believe. The following are some of the most common reasons we've come across from our customers and wanted to share them.

The Evolution of Currency

Have you wondered how money evolved and the history of currency? We take a look at some interesting facts about how cash became king and how currency has changed through the years.

Selling Settlement Payments to Pay Off Debt

Choosing to sell your settlement payments can help to clear your debt and take control of finances. When you consider both sides, it usually makes sense in order to reduce expenses and improve your standard of living.

Can You Take Out Part Of A Structure Settlement?

When selling a structured settlement, some are curious whether they can sell part of it rather than entire amount. Understanding your options helps to make the right choice for your financial situation.

What They Won't Tell You About Structured Settlements

If thinking of selling a structured settlement, learn what you need to know before accepting a buyout. Being informed can make the difference between getting a fair offer.

Structured Settlements and Minors

One should be aware of the issues surrounding structured settlements for minors when thinking of selling annuity payments. The process for minors is more difficult in order to protect the funds of a juvenile and not easily accomplished.

What Are Annuities? - Understanding The Basics

When it comes to annuities, some find them to be complex financial products. While in many cases this is true, it's not so difficult to understand the basics of how they work and what they can do for you.

Making The Right Choices When Thinking To Sell Structured Settlement Payments

There's a variety of situations where selling structured settlement annuity payments will often make sense, but it's important to understand the implications before committing to the idea of receiving a lump sum for your settlement.

The Rating of Settlement Annuities

When determining the value of your annuity, an important consideration is the insurance company that stands behind the policy, and how it can affect the overall value if thinking to sell a structured settlement.

Funding Your Endeavors With Your Settlement

When looking to start a business, raising capital to get started is often one of the more challenging aspects to a startup. As many annuity owners can attest to, selling a structured settlement provides the funding to get their business started.

Estimating The Present Value Of An Annuity Settlement

Understanding the value of what your annuity settlement is worth is one of the first steps that should be taken when considering to sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum.

Retirement Annuity Guide

An annuity can provide stability and understanding how it will work for you is important to making smart choices, including whether your thinking about purchasing, withdrawal or how payments work.

What percentage do structured settlement companies take

Thinking to sell your settlement and curious about the percentage a settlement company might take? We have the answers to help you understand the present value and how discount rates apply to your lump sum.

What to know about transfer of structured settlement payment rights

When considering to sell or transfer your structured settlement payments, it's important that you understand the details behind a structured settlement factoring transaction to ensure you are receiving a fair deal. Even with laws to protect you, it's in your best interest to be aware of how it all works.