What documents do I need to sell my structured settlement?

Most of the documentation that you will need to sell your structured settlement should already be within your possession. The most important documentation would be proof that you are the rightful owner of the settlement. This is usually what you are asked for before before a buyer can be found.

Your settlement policy may also be used to calculate the present value of your structured settlement, which is another way of figuring out how big of a lump sum you can expect. On rare occasions, a settlement cannot be transferred to another buyer, and occasionally its value might be too low to warrant its sale. If you have history of a divorce, those papers may also be necessary to prove whether or not your ex will be entitled to a portion of the lump sum payout.

Next, you will be required to fill out a structured settlement packet, which will dictate the nature of the sale, including how many payments you are selling and how much you will be receiving for them. You will also need to have bank documentation, so that you can have the money routed to your bank account as quickly as possible.