Structured Settlement Calculator

Structured Settlement calculators can be found online and they give you a good idea of what you could receive if you decide to go with a structured settlement. They take your case, add your personal details and other relevant information and then calculate what you could receive. Once this information is entered into the Structured Settlement Calculator you will receive a number representing the estimated value of your settlement. If you wish to know how much your structured settlement is worth you can use this calculator.

Structured Settlement Calculator

Structured Settlements can be structured either as either secured or unsecured. A secured settlement is one in which the payee retains a lien on any awarded money while making regular monthly payments to the payee. This is similar to having a mortgage loan but instead of receiving monthly payments the payee receives an agreed upon lump sum amount. This lump sum amount is based on the value of the structured settlement and the interest rate at the time of settlement. A secured lump sum amount will generally be less than a lump sum payment made out on a non-secured basis.

A non-structured settlement is a payment made in exchange for nothing. These types of settlements come about when there is an injury, illness or similar situation. They are usually arranged by a third party who then pays the victim for their loss. The payee may receive payments on a semi-annual or annual basis. A structured settlement calculator can be used to determine if you will receive a certain percent of the total agreed upon or how much you could potentially see over the life of your settlement.

Another aspect of these type of settlements is that the payee does not get to keep any of the payments. When you enter information into a Structured Settlement Calculator, you will find out what percentage of the lump sum you would be getting and also the terms of the payout. It is also possible to enter data on interest rates and set up a time frame for when payments will begin and end.

The terms and conditions of the entire deal are also entered into the mathematical equation. You will need to know how much the other party will give you with this type of arrangement. You will also need to enter data on the discount rate at the time of purchase. This is something that can vary from one company to another so you will need to do some research and make sure that the lump sum being offered is the best available option for you.

Once you have these numbers, you can see if your lump sum can be reasonably expected to provide you with the income that you would be receiving if you were to receive the full amount of the structured settlement payments. Many people are comfortable with the numbers that they see and are willing to enter them into a structured settlement calculator. However, there are other people that may not be comfortable with the answers that are provided and would rather have the figures themselves. If this is the case, then it is very important that you have someone else to calculate the numbers for you so that you can understand what they are saying.