How to Sell Your Annuity Payments

If you’ve bought an annuity from a long-time annuity broker, you probably understand how to sell your annuity payments. You might have even written the contract or made some of the arrangements.
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But what about other kinds of income insurance products such as life insurance and investment products? How do you sell these?

First, you need to buy the annuity at a discount. Then you will receive the lump sum (cash) in a lump sum payment at some time in the future. This is how many annuity sales are made: by giving away your annuity payments in a lump sum to a third party.

For example, suppose you have a life insurance policy that is fixed for the remainder of your life, at an income amount that equals or exceeds your death benefit. Then you sell this at a discount to a purchaser.

Or suppose you are selling life insurance to a third party, who would like to take the life insurance annuity payments in a lump sum. This can be done by giving up the right to receive future income in return for a lump sum payment. This is also called a payoff.

Other income insurance products can be sold like life insurance. For example, you could sell your annuity payment (from a life insurance policy) to a third party to buy another life insurance policy. You would then get a tax deferred annuity payment from the second life insurance policy at some later date.

The same principle can be used to sell annuities and other life insurance products. The third party would give you the annuity and you would sell it to them.

You could also sell your annuity payments and your right to receive future income. You could sell the annuity to a third party to pay off your debts or for any other reason.

A life insurance policy is a good example of the latter. You could sell your insurance policy to pay off an old debt or to invest in a new insurance product.

JG Wentworth is a popular company that sells many annuities and other life insurance products. JG Wentworth charges a commission to buyers of their products and often has an attractive “My Account” section.

This allows people to check their accounts, provide feedback about their annuity payments, and share their experiences. It’s a great way to sell your annuity payments.

So, if you are getting ready to sell your annuity payments, check out JG Wentworth. There is much information there and you can decide whether it’s a good company to help you sell your annuity payments.