Annuity Calculators – Get the Payment Value You Need

An annuity has been defined as a contract where you receive regular payments from an insurance company to meet your requirements. Usually in annuities the payments are made regularly throughout the duration of the contract. However, there are some annuities that offer cash benefits on the completion of the contract. The payments depend on the type of annuity you get.


An annuity payment value can be used to calculate the amount of monthly income you will get. In normal annuities the payments are made every month at the conclusion of the term. However, with annuities based on cash values, they are usually made after the first year of service. The future value of the annuity is calculated by taking the present value of future payments, multiplied by the number of years you have agreed to pay. The present value of these future payments is usually determined by the life expectancy of the person receiving the annuity. The current value is the amount required today to make those future payments.

How do you know what payment is right for you? There are a few things to consider before making your decision. First is what type of annuity will you get? If you are receiving regular monthly payments, you may choose a fixed annuity. Fixed annuities give you a fixed payment value during the lifetime of the annuity. With a fixed annuity you will always get the same monthly payment. If you want to increase or decrease your payment value you will simply roll over the annuity and change the payment terms.

You also need to determine your payment value for your annuity. The payment value is the amount of money you will receive monthly at the termination of your annuity. To calculate the payment value take the age of your annuity and divide it by sixty. Multiply that number by twelve and this is your monthly payment value. Make sure that you add to this the initial value you received from your insurance company when you received the annuity.

What is a good interest rate for your annuity payment? An annuity payment must be paid at a rate of at least 1%. The rate you will pay depends on how much you make every month. You can go to your agent or financial planner to determine if you are paying too much or too little. Remember that the longer you live, the more interest you will have to pay.

Some annuities pay you a lump sum for the entire value of your annuity. Some payments include the future payment value, your initial premium and your annual earnings. You may also get additional payments as well.