Selling Your Structured Settlement in Times of Need

Your structured settlement can be used to make dreams come true, such as tuition for school, a new home, your own business, or to pay for a new car. It is always our pleasure to see our clients attain some of their greatest dreams using the cash we help them get. However, there are also the clients who have found themselves in a difficult situation, and need the cash to dig themselves out of a debt, or gain access to funds during a personal emergency.

We're here to help you get the money you need through both the good and bad times, and these are a few examples of the clients we've helped over the years.

Mike lost his job, and found himself and his family evicted from their home last January. They had nowhere to go. They were sleeping in their car, and taking care of their personal needs in a gas station restroom. When John came to us, he told us he had a settlement, and wasn't sure how much it was worth.

We're spoken with many client in the past, and the following (names changed) are the basis of just some of the personal experiences we're aware of;

In this situation, "Mike" decided to sell his entire settlement, and use the cash to pay for six months rent in an apartment. This was just the amount of time that Mark needed to find employment, and get his bills caught up. Today, Mark is saving his money, and hopes to put a down payment on a new home within the next couple years.

Another example is "Evan", who came to My Structured Settlement Cash because he wanted to switch universities. However, he still owed money to his most recent institution, and therefore they were refusing to release his transcripts. We were able to get Evan the money he needed, and allow him to have enough payments leftover to help him get through the next few years of school.

Then there was "Bill", a retired engineer who had come across some hard times when an unexpected medical emergency left him with a string of unpaid medical bills. He had gone through his savings, and when his car needed a new engine, he couldn't find a way to make it to his job. We helped him sell a portion of his payments, so that he could buy a reliable automobile. Today, "Bill" is happy to report that he built his savings back, soon getting married in the fall, and will honeymoon in Hawaii.

Bad things do happen to good people, but we are here to help you get the cash you need. There is a silver lining in every cloud, so call us today so we can help find yours.

If your situation calls for you to sell structured settlement payments, it's in your best interest to speak with us.

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