Maximizing Your Lump Sum Cash Payment

If there is any trick to selling your annuity, it is receiving the maximum amount of money, while still giving the purchaser enough incentive not to back out on the deal. There are a number of ways to do this.

Tip 1: Proceed with Caution
Scrupulous companies know that a good portion of people looking to cash-in on an annuity are in a financial crisis, and may not pay attention to some of the finer details. Don't make matters worse by jeopardizing your payout by agreeing to a deal that is less than fair. That's why considering My Structured Settlement Cash is in your best interest. We work with a network of buyers and try to make all concerned happy.

Tip 2: Ask Questions
Most sour deals could have been avoided by asking plenty of questions before moving forward with negotiations. The things that should become red flags are excessive fees, a minimal explanation of the process, and the discouragement of legal advice. In addition, another thing to consider is how fast the process may take. While you may be hoping for quick cash, an agreement may take as long as three months before it is finally approved by a judge. We take the time to explain the process and steps involved. We also provide a structured settlement calculator for anyone to use so they can get an idea of what their settlement is worth in advance, before feeling pressured to make any decisions.

Tip 3: Spend Your Money Wisely
The true advantage to any annuity, is a built-in safeguard to spending a lump-sum on a frivolous whim. While it's often wise to stick with your original plans of investment, and do not deviate from them, there can be circumstances of unexpected expenses or a change in financial needs where selling a structured settlement provides hope. The mark of a good settlement company is one that will help keep you on track to your original destination, even after the final papers have been signed. We hope that My Structured Settlement Cash can be of service to you.

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