5 Questions that Every Annuity Owner Must Ask Themselves

If you are considering selling your annuity, you obviously have a lot of questions. However, before we get to the things that are on your mind, please allow us to ask you a few important questions.

The first question is, did you realize that you are not as bound to your annuity as you might have been several years ago? When a lot of people took out their annuity, they did not have the options they do today, which includes selling it to receive a lump sum of cash.

Are you currently happy with the arrangement of your annuity? In other words, are you able to save for your future? Do you have enough money to pay all your immediate bills, and can you say that you are completely free from debt? If you answered yes to all these questions, you're annuity may be working for you, but we still have a few questions left.

Do you currently have an inheritance benefactor, who could use a portion of the money right now to help them out of a difficult situation? Inheritances are great, except they don't always come when people need them most. An annuity holder can sell their payments, and help a friend or family member while they can enjoy seeing their money being put to good use.

Do you know what tax and inheritance burden your annuity will leave to your family? Annuities can be great for the healthy retiree. However, depending on how your annuity is set up, it could cause a larger than necessary tax burden on your family. If you don't know the answer to this question, we strongly recommend that you look into it.

The final question is, has your annuity become unnecessary? The problem with an annuity, is your are purchasing security for the future, without knowing exactly what your future is. If circumstances have changed since you took out the annuity, such as you realized that you will be working longer than you expected, then you may not need the monthly income, and it would be put to better use as a lump sum.

Now it is your turn. Please contact with any questions that our website has not already answered. We would be happy to help.

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